My cat sits like this when he gets excited


My cat sits like this when he gets excited

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I’d normally put this to the polls but my DA’s subscription ended some time ago. So! Black or Pink? :D

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I’m srry God I was wrong , the Devil was strong , I was wrong you was right!

I have a lot of flaws , I don’t like to let ppl know them but I do have them , everyone dose !
well one of my Biggest one is Stage fright , well being the centrer of attention is a better way i should say it.
I just can’t take it , have Everyone looking at me, judging me !, JUST WAITING 4 ME TO MUST UP !!
ugh i just can’t do it
even in school when i was made to present something I would studded , and skip/add words. I don’t like reading out loud cuz I’m scared that my head is going to get so over whelm with fear that i’m going to say something that not even on the thing that i’m reading!!
if i’m asked to go on stage , I start shaking and cry ( depend how long i have to be up there)
well this isn’t just some random rant , my mum told me taht i have to read some part of the program tomorrow at church and Im FREAKING out !!
I don’t like disobeying but I say no , and kept saying no !I even offer to take any punishment as lone if i didn’t have to read to the church!
we prayed and i feel a little bit better ( i stop shaking’breathing heavy)
But I’m still Scared about tomorrow!



preach Jada!


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